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             Death and the Maiden

A contemporary Death & the Maiden tale.
A 20-something photographer meets her tattooed muse.
Does she fall in love with him or with the personified death he represents?
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* Still not feeling quite settled. Into my head, into my space, into whatever it is that this summer, this year, is supposed to be. It's cold here. Rainy and overcast. We're reluctant to have woodstove fires's late spring? We do have a kerosene heater but we're out of kerosene and we should probably pick up a few gallons but so far we haven't. I'm very reptilian-like in my I'm a bit frozen.

* I'm going to try baking Kindred's Milk Bread today! Yum, right?

* I should have known that I wouldn't be able to stop with just one season of The Vampire Diaries. HUGE HELPINGS OF COMFORT FOOD. That's what it is. I had forgotten my deep and abiding love for it. Especially the first handful of seasons. When most everyone was still ALIVE and the drama was so much about relationship and family and learning what love is. Ah, well. Long-running serialized tv is hard, can't hold it against anyone if the show began to jump the shark after about four seasons. I will say, though, that Plec and co. are so superior to Whedon. I don't think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is psychologically fulfilling. I would also say that True Blood is probably the superior vampire serialized drama...but it isn't as sweetly romantic and full of all kinds of longings for simpler things as TVD. I really have been wanting to rewatch tv with the flist...try to recapture some of the fandom fun and hijinks of olde...TWD would be a great rewatch. It has been fascinating to me to remember how hardcore a Stefan fangrrl I was back in the day. The music on this show is pretty darned flawless, too.

* I'm going to make a separate post for a new writerly attempt I've decided to make. Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow.

* The Viking has vetoed American Gods. And that makes me sad. I'm debating continuing without him but it is costing me a monthly subscription. I mean, I get it. I see what the issue is...but I want it to work and CRISPIN GLOVER. That is all.

Perfect male animal is, well, perfect.
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* I've been quiet here because I've been feeling quiet. Contemplative. Things have become so unpredictably strange. I no longer know what is expected of me or how I am to respond to these vague expectations. I'm feeling an intense need for solitude.

* D took a bunch of young folks down to the creek for a long camping weekend. He and Kidling1 drove down together and I rejoice at this father/daughter time. Kidling2 and his gf followed with a half dozen friends. It's been overcast but I hope they have some warm hours.

* Kidling1's internship is going well. At the end of the first week they asked that she move out of misdemeanors and into felonies. So that's great! She already sounds so so so much better. Being busy is good for her. Being engaged to something mentally is keeping her grounded. She's making me laugh during our daily phonecalls. Crazy funny stories. Life in da Big City. Of course things are still odd at D's mother's house....but that's not my story to tell. This week she's going to take D's truck instead of my car because she's riding the Light Rail. Parking downtown is $170 a month! The Light Rail pass is $55.

* I really had fun writing for Idol this week. Tried to stretch a wee bit. Out of the lyrical and into the practical.

* I have fallen hopelessly in love with the poet Gregory Orr and am devouring his body of work. In the most gifted of ways, he also talks about poetry in addition to penning gorgeous haunting poems. So, I'm reading Poetry As Survival and am being transported. His understanding of poetry is akin to David Whyte's grasp but with this underlying personal tragedy that has shaped his life. Guh.

* Because I'm feeling down I went for my TV comfort food and rewatched the first season of The Vampire Diaries last week. It holds up to repeated viewings.

I'm always stunned to discover in this neo-folk times how little knowledge there is of truly astonishing outings in the 20th Century. Case in point, this absolutely gorgeous female version of Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go by Judy Collins -

And what the MASTER Van Morrison did with the same material -

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My new body for King Death arrived yesterday and I COULD NOT BE happier with it! A huge improvement over the less jointed body. Here's some quick shots -

[ profile] kittytoes's amazing face-up on the Slack Afternoon head!

The doll is pure white, so I'm having a bit of trouble with colour-correction. :)
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Science says this one habit can make you instantly happier today. Yes, some of us refer to that as praying.

* So, I saw Beauty & the Beast and I can't stop myself from twirling around the house singing. Sign of a good musical when the tunes are memorable and the lyrics memorizable. It really was a great film. It shines because of the amount of work put into it, by cast and crew. It's really gorgeous to watch, which is such a plus with CGI, but it's also fun to watch because of the skill of the cast. The story had a few odd holes in it, in my opinion, and too much focus on Gaston and Le Fou, but it holds together and is triumphant in the end. Dan and Emma are wonderful even though they don't have much spark, but it would be hard to spark off someone dressed in CGI gear....I suppose, although I've never found Emma to exude the kind of sexiness that other young actresses do. But she's very pretty and very much in control of her skills and she carried the movie effortlessly. The costuming!!! And the sets!!!! Just gorgeous stuff. This is definitely a movie I will watch again. And again.

* Kidling1 and I are rewatching LOST. I am doing so begrudgingly but she is really into it. I struggled with LOST the original time through and stayed with it only for Matthew Fox's Jack because that man, my friends, is the ULTIMATE man in my book. I love the character of Jack - so earnest and sincere and confused about who and what he is. I adore Fox and wish he was still working but there's something very nice about thinking of him out there in the world away from Hollywood. Anyway, the second viewing has been....revealing. I think it's all there, at least MY THEORY which I briefly discussed the day after the finale on another journal - FOUND. Locke is most obviously the key. And Jack is most obviously dead....and struggling with Purgatory and closure. I also would posit that Jack and Kate are husband and wife....and their bad marriage has blocked that reality from both of them after death. I do think LOST has a ton of merit....but ultimately, Once Upon A Time is more satisfyting.

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* So, how are we feeling about S1.2 of American Gods? Now we have the amazing Mr. Nancy and the confusing Czernobog. Peter Stormare is one of my most favourite favourite character actors. His Lucifer in Constantine is a flawless rendition. I can see why he was tapped to play the Black God in AG and he is doing an amazing job, no question! But Gaiman's deep research into the lesser known deities does make for a dog's dinner of a show, from a meta standpoint. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm beginning to lose hope for American Gods as anything more than a vignette of scenery chewing by cast and crew. Although if that means we get more scenes like the one with Mr. Nancy!!! then I'm all for sitting through that kind of craftsmanship! Shadow was amazing in this outing and his laid back but innate curiousity really came through loud and clear. Whittle was on point throughout! But that was in direct contast to McShane's Wotan. Sigh. And really with the Hannibalesque cellos????? Stop already. It's interesting that the screenplay is falling prey to the same monster that Gaiman wrestles with - all flash and no story. All character and no tale.

* Kidling1 and I are going to hit a matinee of Beauty & the Beast!!! I'm very excited about that!

* Family Game Night went wonderfully! Although three of the kids decided they would rather sleep in their own beds than crash here, so they designated a driver and left at midnight. Ah, well, I did have a big brunch planned for the next day but I think The Viking was relieved that he had Sunday all to his own self. We are going to host this again in two weeks and I'm going to start picking up more "fun" games. We played Pictionary and that was a hit for two rounds. But dice fell flat. There was a request for Balderdash and Charades. Strangely enough, late in the evening, the young people couldn't resist the lure of "the screen" and we ended up in the family room watching youtube videos which, for the most part, weren't as funny as they were pitched to be. ;)

* Early last week I was bleary-eyed filling up the coffee carafe when I realized it would not fill up! Only to look closer and see a sizable hole in the glass where the water was pouring out. Damn. I had to pull out the French Press and suddenly coffee became fun and strangely more tasty! I may not purchase a replacement carafe and stay with the press for a while. It feels like a morning ritual now.

Morning Joe and Memento Mori

The king of the intent profile.

LittleDog needs his shaggy face trimmed.

Z and those eyeballs!

Ha! Another eyeball!
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Well......what do we think? I'm....on the fence. Yes, it's going to have to start slow and build it's particular world and characters, but I was chomping at the bit and ended up feeling unsatisfied.

spoilers be here )

So, those who are watching, what did YOU think?

OF course of course of course I'm over-the-moon for Mad Sweeney!!! Perfect casting. The guy is just chewing scenery left and right and leaving everyone in his dust -

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* I keep meaning to sit down and compose a LJ post…and then it just dissipates into nothingness. Why is that? I don’t know. I do know that things feel very much IN FLUX here….and I could no sooner predict the future of this particular medium than I could predict what North Korea will do in the near future. I simply don’t have the knowledge necessary. I got the DW email we all got and it just sat wrong with me. Tone, content, and the unbelievable fact that DW does not have a working app and will never have such. That has got to be a kiss of death. I mean, c’mon. DW is nothing more than an archive…and even then…who knows how long it will remain viable. Mass migration is not the answer. We are all holding our breaths in anticipation of the next word-based social media platform.

* The new Kostova – The Shadow Land – is superb. This girl can write and weave a story and I just adore her. Passionately. I love the way she writes long by writing short. She tells stories in these short chapters that are compelte unto themselves and yet they get stacked and stacked and stacked, like a ream of paper, until the novel is fully realized. Just wonderful.

* We just finished Season 1 of Fortitude. An odd little show with some grand moments – yes, Gabon is AMAZING. It’s as though there was a drunken challenge to rewrite The Thing at the North Pole with a plausible premise for the alien.

* It’s still raining. Folks are getting grumpy in all their sogginess. Waiting for the sun to dry this out. I have a feeling that the weather is going to switch on a dime and we will be in blazing sunshine soon.

* My fringe is past my nose now but at that length where it won’t do a single attractive thing. Not long enough to tuck behind an ear and short enough to look ridiculous. But….I’m still committed to going long again and so far so good.

* I’m suddenly besotted by silk scarves. I want an Hermes, particularly this Cosmos..but sheesh the cost! Even the McQueen skull scarves are the same outrageous price. I think scarves are going to be in again soon.

Homemade bread = toast & coffee

LittleDog tuckered out. That tooth though!

That tongue though! ;)

Skully perspective.
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* Raining. And I love the rain. Everyone around me is tired of it now, but not me. That's one of my most favourite things about the years I lived in the UK and in New England - the rain rain rain! I would move to the state of Washington and live on the rainy coast if I could...but I can't. So, I'm contenting myself with this Spring rain that is making my woods so misty and damp and full of wonder.

* I feel like I've been busy....but don't have much to show for it. I have, actually, been penning a poem a day....but they really are most definitely not ready for prime time so I haven't been posting them. If I get one that passes the muster, I will share it. I've also written two....smallish not extraordinary fanfics for Once Upon a Time. I think....I can't write fanfic any more. I'm so immersed in original that what once was easypeasy is now an agony. I know what I want to say and how I want to say it but I just can't make the words connect. It's beyond frustrating. Anyway. Here's the Rumbelle fic I promised I would dedicate to [ profile] spotzle -

The Harness of Our Gold; Here Come the Tears

I'm still enjoying the heck out of the show and some of the higher quality fic I've found. Three that I think are worthy of rec-ing here. Because each of these reads like an honest-to-goodness romance novel and you don't have to be into the fandom to thoroughly enjoy the story. And heaven knows we all need a good romantic escape from time to time. These are the types of fics that should be published and not relegated to AO3 but I tend to get in trouble when I clamber on top of that particular soapbox. I will say that when I don't feel part of a fandom then searching out AU can at least scratch the itch a bit, the only fandom connection being that you see the characters in the guise of the canon actors.

A Bed of Thorns - 700K+!!! Is that even possible??? But this is fantastically well done. Read it like a medieval Beauty & The Beast and you will be content. I will warn that there is a strangely inordinate amount of SEX but some of you like that. ;)

Remedial French - Another seriously fantastic long writer. This is delightful and full of UST until it isn't.

Away to Me - Just an absolutely fantastic romance between a crotchety guy and a bubbly girl. Oh, and there are sheep and sheepdogs!

As to the rest, I think I'm done. It's not a friendly fandom. I am Tumblr resistant so I'm missing out on current fandom fangrrling. And I really cannot express how deeply offended I become at the young female writers who believe any man over the age of 40 needs a walker and a Viagra prescription. I just cannot with that. And I think that's a fandom loss that falls squarely on the slow death of LJ. There was a time when LJ was THE fandom stop for all things fannish and folks were educamated in the ways of the world. I don't see how Tumblr can provide that type of writing education or worldly knowledge to fans and writers. Not with all the gifs and gushing. Where's the honesty?

If you're needing visual/aural inspiration to "see" Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, well here you go!! Enjoy that delicious burr -


Apr. 4th, 2017 02:01 pm
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Courtesy an impromput prompt in [ profile] therealljidol Green Room - Putin also said he would LOVE more entries about his penis.

4. Rasputin's Knob

Fairy tales and folk tales
The phallus nest
And the severed joint
The cockerel steeds

Hens left to fend alone
While the cocks strut
Small puffed up pyetukh
Spurs on their ankles

Eggs for breakfast
Eggs for lunch
For supper
Headless rooster in the pot
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*FLAILS* This song. Yep, yep, yep.

And this sweet sweet boy with those freakin' pipes!!! If he wrote this song, too...well, I just don't know what to say to that amount of perfection in one body.

Oh, and check out the primitive timing the drummer possesses.

The album version -

* It is a GORGEOUS day. I'm spring-cleaning, all the doors and windows thrown open. The rain will return but right now, this winter-loving girl is loving this day.

* Coastal highway has reopened so Kidling1 should have smooth sailing tomorrow.
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* Season 1, Episode 4 of Legion just absolutely positively knocked me senseless and now this Show has elevated itself into the upper echelon of my personal rankings of superior small screen offerings. THIS SHOW. It's been astonishing from the beginning. The casting, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, and the sets. It just looks exquisitely expensive and intensely well-crafted. But it's been the writing that has had me flabbergasted. Think Inception but with more intrigue, more relatability. And I know, that seems strange, this is a show about mutants...but that archetype has always been about the things that make us unique that we hide inside ourselves. Episode 4 opens with a *genuflect* appearance by a most-beloved cult actor ( [ profile] kittytoes if you aren't watching Legion, you should be, and prepare for a full-blown swoon when Epi 4 begins!!! If you don't already know, don't spoil yourself! ) and he just ACES this role!! I was literally hyperventilating with joy.

But what is really, really special about this show is how complicated the storyline is. It's really dense and layered and full of magical realism. Maybe I give too much of my own childhood trauma and fear away, but I GET this show. Entirely.

Oh, and Dan Stevens.

* I've begun the laborious but newdayjoy work of submitting. Keeping my fingers crossed.

* What has LJ done with this new comment feature???

Not to my typical taste in male voices, but the music is gorgeous and his tone so imploring -

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*FLAILS* This song!!! I think this is the most perfect thing I've heard in a long, long time. Imagine it as a piece of flash fiction. Try to listen first without the vid -

* Still loving Once Upon A Time. And Legion. And Taboo. What are you guys watching? I did rewatch Eastern Promises with Kidling1 Friday night because RUSSIAN. So much love for Viggo.

* Trying to clear out the "good" clutter by eBaying and that's like a freakin' full time job.

* Snow and hail. Hail and snow. And the world is misty silver white and the trees are dusted with white ice.
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* I am loving, loving, loving Once Upon a Time! I am so glad I tried it again and stuck through those first cringey episodes. I'm seeing now that it's a story about reformation. The Evil Witch/Stepmother is going to be redeemed...or at least that is going to be addressed. And that's a great fairy tale trope! The literal reading regarding adoption isn't the best way to approach this symbollic story. I finished Seasons 1 and 2 and now Season 3 is opening with a Grand Adventure. I'm curious to see what this Peter Pan reveal is going to be all about because right now it's murky. I'm also enjoying the sexual tension between Emma and Hook. Who happens to be utterly delicious. (And I'm getting spoiled in my own comments and that's kinda bumming me out.)

And speaking of sexual chemistry. I KNEW IT!!! I just knew that the sparks flying between Snow and Charming had to be deeper than acting chops. They are ELECTRIC together. And the actors are married and have children! Well, of course! Anyone know that story? Did they meet on set? I think their chemistry is one of the things that really makes this show hum.

Jennifer Morrison is also one of those beauties who exudes sexiness and sparks off all her counterparts, male and female. I still am frustrated by the House/Cameron 'ship that sunk. So, Emma is humming. But the real treat is the strange chemistry between Rumplestiltskin and Belle. Both actors are a bit odd themselves and that oddness is used to its very best advantage in OUaT. Really stellar scenes between the two of them. Carlyle is such a funny duck. I mean, this is the cat who made The Full Monty a sensation.

So, suffice it to say that I wish others were currently watching and I sure wish I had been watching in real time.

* Had my folks up yesterday for a hearty stew and to wish the kids a safe trip. It was a really mellow day and I'm seeing now the underlying tension that my baby sister brings to social events. Avoiding her is doing me good at the moment.

* POURING. And no sign of slowing down. Snow predicted for the end of the week. Winter is just intense this year.

* Writing my Idol piece today. I have all the electronics plugged in in case these gusty winds knock out our power. I'm feeling the pressure now to get this latest entry done. Idol feels different to me this Season and I'm trying to sort if it's me or the game/contestants. My writing feels different, my approach to the prompts. It's all intriguing to ponder. I am seriously attracted to this week's prompts and have come up with numerous ideas.

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* I've got two loaves of pumpkin bread in the oven. I have no real excuse for this, other than misty rain. So, yeah. Also, I'm going to make a gingerbread pound cake for Sunday because my folks are coming up for a dinner to wish Kidling2 and gf a safe and fun trip to Mexico next week. D and I have a week off! But no Mexico. We were invited but D is still maintaining his no-fly status. For life.

* Doll bodies ordered. Now the wait. THE WAIT for Asian BJDs is insane really.

* Going stir crazy with this rain. I mean, I'm still all into the hygge but I miss walking. We walk ALOT. I will walk in a light shower, but it's been raining. And today it's thunder-storming.

* So, two TV shows.


[ profile] tsuki_no_bara here are some thoughts. Not sure who else is watching?!

Damn, but Zilpha is simply NOT working. I cannot imagine what impressed the casting director with this actress. She's terrible. The eye-popping is just incredibly off-putting. She's about as exuding of sexiness as a rain-soaked 2x4. I keep wanting to give the director room to show us why he has this actress in this role, but so far it's just an abysmal miss in an otherwise hard-hitting cast. I do wonder if coming off of Penny Dreadful, I'm wanting to see Eva Green in this role. Or if its the lusty chemistry Hardy had with Theron in Fury Road or with Riley in Wuthering Heights that has me so terribly disappointed with this cold fish romance.

But Hardy DOES have chemistry, in spades, with Atticus and Cholmondeley. These guys are fresh and wild and full of sass and vinegar.

The costuming should win awards. My gothic-loving heart can barely take it. The hats, especially, are rocking it so hard that I wish we could wear hats like that today. Why aren't we wearing those hats today???

The show continues to be a bit of a peacock but the dialogue has grown far more interesting. Hardy has a gift for delivering a hackneyed line with a deft and delicious originality.

So far the fic is bland. And oh so naive. This is a mature show and not a darker Pirates of the Caribbean.

Once Upon A Time

I am really, really loving this show! And I have to respectfully disagree with [ profile] spotzle about it going plaid and with those who disliked it because of a too-literal reading. Season 2 is fantabulous!!! So much more interesting and twisty than the set-ups of Season 1. There is such a glut of characters and 90% of them are well-acted and well-written. I'm relieved that Henry has now pointed out that some of these characters are NOT fairy tale characters and I'm willing to buy this new canon they want the audience to accept. Carlyle's Rumplestiltskin is far more nuanced and enjoyable now. There are so many beautiful people on this show that it also is enjoyable just to watch. And they have the "mature" actors as well which puts it into distinctly different country than say, The Vampire Diaries. I've been hit with a few plot bunnies but mainly for the lesser characters because the main cast is pretty well realized story-wise.

Read more... )

* We have migrating sandhill cranes and you can't step outside without hearing the gorgeous harmonics of their calls.

Still listening to this -

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* I've decided to collect these Death-themed videos over on my other LJ. I'll let you guys know when that project is up and running. But for now have some well-aged Shirley Collins in a memento mori video -

* And these two are for [ profile] kittytoes who loves all things puppet-y -

* I finally bought office furniture but it could be craft room fixin's too. So....I'm working upstairs today trying to sort that mess. I need to be able to get to my craft supplies, more than just the yarn and needles. I've got ideas for dolls.

* Local situation is still sucky. The valley is full of angry displaced people so I'm staying home.
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I am okay!!! Thank you ALL OF YOU who reached out and checked in. I am 3,500 feet above the lake, high in the hellbilly mountains of the Sierra Nevada. However, Oroville is the County seat and back when I used to be a politikal animal I dealt with almost all of these emergency folks you are now seeing - around the globe - talking about the potential disaster. The sheriff, I will tell you, does NOT have a soft spot for heavily-tattooed women and he and I have butted heads on several occasions, that being said, I feel for the guy. What choice did he have?! Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Just not sure we needed an EMERGENCY evacuation at five last night with ten minute countdowns to imminent failure! THAT WAS SCARY AS ALL HELL and The Viking and I just happened to be down in the valley when all of this happened. CRAZY CHAOS!! We checked in on our local peeps then hightailed it back up the hill only to hear that the water folks had managed to wrestle control back from Mother Nature and things are now in a semi-controlled holding pattern.

Yeah. Not sure anymore I believe a single government worker. This situation is tenable and not good. The erosion that freaked folks the fuck out yesterday is a ginormous cavity that has serious implications to the rest of the water management for this rainy winter. I just don't know and wouldn't begin to hazard a speculative guess as to what could happen. We certainly did not see this happening on Saturday when the emergency spillway began to spill.

The road to the recreation area has blown out. So there goes that hike for, oh, probably the next decade. And that's just a "me" concern. I really have no idea what or how this situation is going to be managed. The images that show yellow-slickered engineers scurrying all over the wreckage....put it into perspective. Sometimes, we are ants.

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* So, this crazy, crazy thing is happening down the road and I'm stunned it's not getting more national/international coverage. We are all on tenterhooks!

Oroville Dam Spillway Failure

Remember that New Year's hike I took? Well...that's the dam. And the spillways. Sadly, I don't think I'll be hiking over there for at least a decade's time. The repairs to the spillway are going to top 1 billion and could take upwards of ten years. The dam road is closed now and I can't imagine it opening with construction going on. I do NOT think the dam is going to fail...but the current situation is already a disaster and the emergency spillway is going to cause untold ecological damage. The poor baby Chinooks!!!

* Not 100% about my Idol entry this week. I ended up NOT going with my dark idea but rather trying to add to my novel WIP....I haven't committed to it entirely yet. I'm still tweaking and stepping back and tweaking and stepping back. It looks different in different lighting. I need to reach down deep inside of my lazy bones and START WRITING.

* Growing one's fringe out is an exercise in fashion futility. Ugh. Not sure it's worth the frustration.

* OMG, Taboo!!! Just slayed it this week. Like this show got sit-up-and-pay-attention interesting!! Tom Hollander is stealing this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This melding is fantabulous stuff -

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* Welp, that was just about one of the worst weekends I've ever experienced without a physical crisis at the heart of the malaise. Mid-week and I'm still not over it. I may not ever recover from some of it. Ugh. I am trying.

* Distraction with writing, knitting, can't read, tv is dumb, can't walk because the world has become 40 days/40 nights, can't craft because I can't find a damned thing in that chaotic mess. Listening to music with headphones on, lying in the dark. I have a darkly strange idea for Idol. Not sure I'll be able to write it.

* Anyone else keep chocolate milk in the house for their morning coffee? My children think I'm odd. Who else adds a packet of gelatine to their first cup of joe?

* Huge thrifting book haul yesterday. Looks like Tuesday junking is going to be the "thing" my mother and I do each week. I found a first edition of "The Historian"! And another copy of *heh* "Wuthering Heights". AND A TROMBONE. Do not ask me why I bought a 70 year old trombone. And a bag of rabbit furs professionally tanned. I felt I had to "rescue" those pelts.

* I have a SLEW of submissions I'm working on. So much work to do! I really, really, really would love to find a home for the novella. But I've also got tens of thousands of short form words from Idol....

Munly is my love. I wish he was loved by others. This guy. Here's a cut from his astonishing banjo musical for Peter & the Wolf -

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