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 * We have returned, safe and sound, from the East Coast. Of course I'm running around playing catch-up with the house, my online life, and work! I was sorry to have to take my second BYE for Idol, but I needed to decompress yesterday. I am looking forward to reading this week's entries - I miss you guys! 

* The trip was good. Healing. And very very busy. We stayed in a huge and lovely waterfront house on Kent Island, on the Chesapeake Bay. At one point we had 17 family members. We celebrated a late Thanksgiving Friday night and let me tell you that the pre-ordered dinner from Cracker Barrel is fantastic with the exception that it had no dark meat or turkey legs. But still! Yummy. I think I will roast a turkey for Christmas this year instead of brisket or filet mignon. Everyone was on their best behavior, which can be a rarity in my dramatic family. Because we were just an hour out of DC we did a ton of sightseeing. If you have never visited this nation's capitol, I simply cannot recommend it enough. There is so much to see and do and be awed by and all of it is free. I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up there with so much history at your fingertips. We really don't have that sort of established and tied-together history in California. D did so much driving and much of it in truly abysmal weather. When it rains there it pours. Sheesh. We also did a ton of walking. Kidling1 clocked a total of 9 miles on her iWatch just touring monuments and visiting museums. Big cities are romantic to country mice and we were all duly charmed.

* Monday was my father's service at Arlington National Cemetery. And yes, he died a year ago Tuesday. None of us, not even him, knew how backlogged this process is. The cemetery averages 30 burials a day and still it took them 364 days to schedule my father's funeral. I had never been there before, so arriving early and walking up through the showers and old sections of the graveyard to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was a deeply moving experience. The cemetery is spiritually laden and I felt so much more of an understanding of his desire to be there. I'm glad I got to experience that. His service was gorgeous and solemn and somber. The riderless horse and the casein and the band and the gun salute and the priest and the bugler with his taps. Very sad but it felt right. I think my mother feels a sense of completion and closure. She carried him through this past year and he is now laid to rest with dignity and much honour. 

* I had purchased a heavy wool coat from Pendleton before we left and it became my daily clothing companion. I'm glad I had the foresight to do that. It was COLD.

* We took a day to ourselves and drove over to the sea. 

* I will look through my photos and see what I have worth sharing. We did tour the White House and the decorations were cheerful and put me in the mood to decorate this year. Last year we were bereft. 

* I am working on several columns for the magazine, with interviews scheduled for next week, about Camp Fire survivors and what rebuilding looks like to them. I'm excited about this assignment. 

* What have the flist been up to? 

Date: 2018-12-01 01:42 pm (UTC)
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I am so glad you enjoyed the time you spent on the East Coast.


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