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* Settling in with a cup of tea and piece of toast and finally finding a minute to get to some computer things. My to-do list has expanded exponentially and that's not even my to-do before we leave for Arlington list. I'm going a bit nuts.

* So, the GREAT FANTASTIC WONDERFUL news is that Kidling1 passed the California Bar!!! She asked D and I to drive down and sit with her on her couch and just wait for the magic moment that the results would be released, last night at 6 pm. So we did. She left work early and we killed some time by going down to the river and watching the salmon jump up the banks which is sad and misguided and I just wanted to wade out ther and rake them all back into the river proper. This particular bank is right below the overflow from the hatchery, so their birth water is flowing out beneath a mountain of fill and blackberry bushes and the poor fish, already beaten frantic, get off track. Not that it matters much, because they are either going to make it up the ladder or not. Anyway, it's a bit of an existential thing for me. 

Then we went and fetched her, picked up a street taco dinner and headed back to her place where we did sit on the couch, watched the countdown, D did a zillion pushups, I tried not to pace, and she logged on at the exact toll of the bell and BURST INTO TEARS. We were momentarily shook but then she shouted, I PASSED, and it was tears all around. She was exhausted by stress and moments later she looked as though she had taken off a thousand pound coat. Immediately her phone blew up and it was just a joyous hour. With the only sad spot being the joy of my mother tempered with the sadness of how proud my dad would have been. Anyway, we left her to go out and celebrate and headed back, into the smoke, and home where we crashed hard into our bed because we, too, have been laden with anxiety. Thanks for all the wishes and candles and advice (George) and now she's on her way. 

* The not good news is that I need an emergency root canal on Monday. Thursday was a dental nightmare and I can't even discuss it right now. I'm so very tired by my dental issues and am formulating opinions that aren't going to be popular about dentistry in the 21st Century. Anyway, that's $3,200 dollars and yeah, wow. I don't think there will be much pain, mainly relief, and I do need to do this before I get in an airplane on Thursday. Altitude and bad teeth are not a good combination.

* The terrible news is this growing death count on the fire. I's so....I cannot even tell you all what is happening here in our small city. President Trump stopped in today, and that's going to rally the troops. But this thing is years from healing and I think we are on the verge of a collective nervous breakdown with our residents. 

* A good spot is that I was able to write to the Idol prompt this week, am happy with the results, and am now responding to wonderful comments! There are some great entries this week and that's been fun to read through. I'm feeling deeply gratified that the words ARE coming and that I'm able to grab some of them out of the aether. 

* Another good spot was me taking D and Kidling2 shopping for the funeral and going just about crazy until we found the most amazing manager of a Men's Wearhouse who completely got us and tricked them both out in gorgeous suits marked down, wait for it, 90% so we walked out with two thousand dollar suits for a hundred each, plus shirts and ties, and wow, they are going to look great. All the other men are wearing uniforms, so I'm happy these two guys will be put together. I'm hiring a professional photographer to capture the service, so we shall see what we get. 

Date: 2018-11-17 11:46 pm (UTC)
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Huge congrats to Kidling1! Wonderful, wonderful news, but not at all surprising. So happy you and D were able to be there with her and share the moment.

Sad about the salmon. Always sad about the salmon. Good, but sad, photo.

So sorry about your dental issues. Glad you got it dealt with before flying...but still, never good.

Wow! I'm hoping you will share a pic or two of your decked out men. Sounds like a fabulous deal all round.

Heartbreaking what's happening with the fire. Horrible, horrible. I have no words. Good to hear your president made it out to the area.

Your Idol entry was fantastic! I was deeply touched by it. It reverberated on many levels. You are totally rocking this season, E.


Date: 2018-11-18 03:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] adoptedwriter
Congrats to Kidling1!! Fantastic!
Bummer about the root canal. I hated mine. Ugh!

Date: 2018-11-18 12:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mallorys_camera

Max did not pass, but given that he is currently in graduate school pursuing a Public Policy masters, it's not as big a deal as it might have been.

He was misguided, didn't listen to his mother's nagging, and refused to take a prep class. Part of my mission in CA this week will be to convince him that that is fucking idiocy and that he needs to take a prep class. I'll pay for the goddamn thing!

Which prep class did Kidling1 take? I'm looking at Kaplan.

Tooth stuff is the worst Sending healing thoughts.

Date: 2018-11-23 03:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] meridian_rose
Congrats on Kidling1 passing the bar :D


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